Just to give a casual impression of our previous quality output - if you'd like a full copy of any of these back issues, drop us an email to bathbombpress[at], and we'll do the rest:

THE BATH BOMB #38 * Apr 11 * 'I hope I don't have to plan another car crash' Elizabeth Windsor * A Guide To Preparing, Hosting & Enjoying Your Own Personal Royal Wedding Party; two-pronged report of March 26th demo; Chris Grayling report; Bath Spa S.U. President back-stabbing; another cuts campaign update; A-boards report/foie gras report/Bristol Anarchist Bookfair announcement/Climate Camp R.I.P./anti-squatter laws/naval fragging/revolution in Syria & yemen/Wisconsin strikes; March 26th media misrepresentation analysis; national census analysis; riot etiquette opinion

THE BATH BOMB #37 * Mar 11 * 'It's not big and it's not society' * cuts campaign update: Bath anti-cuts march/Nick Clegg/Bath public meeting/Bristol update/libraries; revolution in Tunisia, Egypt and the Middle East report/Libya revolt; Octagon demolition criticism; investment banker plane crash report; literature festival criticism; short updates: B.T.P. revival/deportation threats/anti-Tesco campaign in Bristol/biofuel W4B granted planning permission/homecare worker privatisation threat in Swindon/Swindon anti-cuts march announcement/woodland sell-off defeated/government sued for scrapping School Building Program/super-dairy plans defeated/ launch/Reclaim The Fields call-out/B.&N.E.S.' guide to organising your own street party; L.E.T.S. money launch announcement; toad migrations

THE BATH BOMB #36 * Jan 11 * 'return of the new year revolution: part 2' * cuts report update: fire fighters/police/youth service/libraries/V.A.T. hike; student protests report/E.M.A. scrapping; Christmas market criticism; claimant resistance announcement; short updates: Cadbury's sell-off/Bath Magistrate jailed on child porn/tree planting/Bristol sabotage/green belt home building/Royal Mail privatisation/Sea Shepherd/Forest of Dean/Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station blockaders sentence/E.D.L. website sabotage; WikiLeaks analysis; leaning Bath Spa; media response to attack on Charles & Camilla; Palestine update; Prince Andrew analysis

THE BATH BOMB #35 * Dec 10 * 'putting the 'pun' into 'cruel and unusual punishment'' * cuts action in Bath report; Elgar Jenkins'resignation/B.T.P.on hold/foie gras in Bath/Nottingham bailiffs attack/Vodafone occupations/students against the arms trade/nuclear power announcement/coal power plants/S.H.A.C. defendants sentenced/G4S murder of Jimmy Mubenga/Royal Mail update/F.B.U. strike; begging for money; Theory Corner: Who Does Help For Heroes Really Help?; anti-fascism over here and over there report; Bath L.E.T.S. analysis; badger cull update; farmers' Tesco blockade report; Aldermaston blockade report; we hate art in Bath - seriously; Theory Corner: No Hard Fillons; terror plot analysis, or spoof? What will they think of next?

THE BATH BOMB #34 * Oct 10 * 'abusing authority figures and the english language since 2007' * anti-Tory Party Conference demo report; Bath Anti-Cuts Alliance formation announcement/local cuts report; youth centre demo report; B.&N.E.S. Council director pay rise analysis; government terror plot fearmongering analysis; Stop Nuclear Power Network demo/Helphire redundancies and recovery/Friends of Culverhay campaign birth/Bristol Airport expansion decision/T.U.C. call for industrial action/anti-Lib-Dem Party Conference demo/M.o.D. cuts/police & N.E.T.C.U. cuts/2nd French General Strike/I.D.F. seizure of Irene; arms fairs analysis; queen's heating problems; hunt sab report

THE BATH BOMB #33 * Sep 10 * 'more rusty barbed wire than cutting edge' * cuts campaign round-up; anti-Tory Party Conference demo reminder; 'Roots of zionism talk in Frome/foods waste collections/racist attack in Bath/police brutality/day of action on coal announcement; E.D.L./B.N.P. round-up; B.&N.E.S. Council officer pay analysis; anti local media rant; 'Hammertime' demo announcement; Bath Vegan Fayre report; Bicycology in Bristol announcement;splits in the Con-Dem coalition analysis; badger cull analysis; keep Royal Mail public analysis

THE BATH BOMB #32 * Aug 10 * 'Fast, aggressive, and it wants your sandwich!' * Hiroshima/Nagasaki bombing analysis; anti-cuts campaign report; anarchists and anti-cuts initiatives analysis; P.C. Simon Harwood sentence analysis; Community Supported Agriculture/London Road Food Co-op announcement; Bath Vegan Fayre announcement; creation of B.&N.E.S. Head of Property role analysis; gulls hysteria analysis; Bristol World Naked Bike Ride report; Bristol Anarchist Bookfair announcement; Climate Camp Cymru eviction/train blockaders sentence report; British Waterways moorings restrictions analysis  

THE BATH BOMB #31 * Jul 10 * 'Where news goes to die' * budget analysis; S.H.S.E.I. report; Colin Skellett/G.W.E/corruption report; unions rant/anti-Tory Conference demo announcement; Climate Camp Cymru announcement; Pride of Bath analysis; E.D.O. Decommissioners acquittal report; police station open day report; Bath Vegan Fayre announcement; England Football team underwear thieves' sentence analysis; Mad Hatters Tea Party announcement

THE BATH BOMB #30 * Jun 10 * 'Fucking Laws at your expense' * election analysis; school privatisation; Tesco on Lower Bristol Road plans report; Eco Village update; short updates: Bristol Airport/badger cull/GM crops in EU/EDF nuclear power delays/housing development; Kennet & Avon Consultation report; Greece update; Black Cat update; Noah's Ark Zoo protests report; Ffos-y-Fran railway blockade report; Israeli attack report; BNP elections analysis; strikes analysis; election candidates demo report

THE BATH BOMB #29 * Apr 10 * 'An unstoppable juggernaut of journalistic intent' * Tesco come clean about Bath Press; Black Cat Centre update; B&NES' attacks on independent business report; Mayday demo announcement; Border Agency harrassment at Rajpoot; paving stone thefts; anti-Shell demo report; Barclays Bank demo report; Theory Corner: on Lawful Rebellion and Resistance; Lappersfort eviction report; Plane Stupid sticker subvertising competition

THE BATH BOMB #28 * Mar 10 * 'The only local paper that doesn't want your kidneys' * PCS strikes report; Black Cat Centre update; Madame Hatter's 'Scabrous Cabaret' announcement; Oldfield Park Growing Together announcement; community litter picks; Greece update; biofuels rejection/Bristol Airport planning update/Merthyr-to-Mayo bike ride/critical mass bike ride/tree-planting/Westside Gathering announcement; Jesters eviction resistance report; racist police harrassment; bailiff telephone harrassment; hunt saboteur report; radical debate club announcement; community repair workshop announcement; book review: Live Working Or Die Fighting; banner-drop at BMT

THE BATH BOMB #27 * Feb 09 * 'I Can't Believe It's Not Better!' * update of B&NES' council cuts; Prince Charles selling greenbelt; Black Cat Centre update; guerilla gardeners report; Critical Mass announcement; Black Cat Centre opening announcement; Bath CCTV van antics; Save Bathampton Meadows campaign update; Islam4UK analysis; radical debate club announcement; Smash EDO demo report

THE BATH BOMB #26 * Nov 09 * 'A noisy conscience hammering away on the shoulder of Bath' * expose of B&NES' council cuts proposals; postal strike picket line; Helphire cuts report/IWW plug; Bathampton Meadows update; Towpath prejudice report; Black Cat Centre opening announcement; Theory Corner: analysing debt; E-on pulls out of Kingsnorth/EU decision on coal; Co-Mutiny report; David Cameron comes to Bath report; Bath Bust Station review; hunt sabbing

THE BATH BOMB #25 * Sept 09 * 'Now with 100% MORE content than last month!' * Co-Mutiny announcement; biofuels analysis/Blue NG non-existent debate; Blue NG subvertisement report; Bath Vegan Fayre report; National Front demo report; English Defence League analysis; Camp for Climate Action demo report; foie gras campaign report

THE BATH BOMB #24 * July 09 * 'Working within the framework of the truth' * Stop Bristol Airport update/carbon trading comment; anti-foie gras campaign update; Calais No Border Camp report; new Sainsburys & Tescos developments; anti-Red, White & Blue and National Front demo announcements; Banksy exhibition analysis; Theory Corner: What is Anarchy?; Copenhagen/Climate Camps/Earth First! Gathering announcements; Greece analysis

THE BATH BOMB #23 * June 09 * 'Nick Griffin: if you're reading this, we're in your house' * BNP demo report; Save Bathampton Meadows update; Twerton debt advice drop-in announcement; Don Foster expense expose; BNP expenses expose; Vote Nobody/Euro Elections analysis; Bath Arts Council installation sabotage; Co-Mutiny announcement; foie gras demo report; Bristol Vegan Fayre report

THE BATH BOMB #22 * May 09 * 'Is it under your car?' * Visteon occupiers solidarity demo report/World day for Lab Animals march report/police brutality demo report; Mayday Mayday! demo report; IWW comes to Bath; Blue-NG occupation report; allotment rights; carbon trade analysis; Bubbling Under: 'Living With Illegals' announcement; the Lost Plot workday announcement; Calais No Border Camp announcement; Forward Intelligence Team policing; EDO Decommissioners solidarity demo report

THE BATH BOMB #21 * Apr 09 * 'Keeping our heads in a crisis' * G20 protests report/Climate Camp in the City report; G20 decisions analysis; Visteon & Prisme Packaging factories occupations; police brutality/death of Ian Tomlinson; sell-off of social housing/squatting/national ; Kilter theatre announcement: 'Roots - A Tale of Love and Vegetables'; hunt sabotage/death of Trevor Morse; 'World Day for Lab Animals' demo announcement; 'The Big Chalk In' demo report

THE BATH BOMB #20 * Mar 09 * 'News and abuse from Bath and beyond' * Somer & Nightstone rent hikes/corruption; 'It's Not My Responsibility' game announcement; G20 announcement; Bubbling Under; 'The Take' announcement; Theory Corner: gentrification/anti-homelessness; 'Reclaim the Night' march report; 'We Won't Pay For Their Crisis' campaign update; foie gras campaign announcement; 'Off The Map' squat update; new Tescos developments; BNP charity dinner cancelled/BNP attack on 'Soho Road to the Punjab' exhibition; legal update: filming police

THE BATH BOMB #19 * Feb 09 * 'Bad puns: it snow laughing matter' * Gaza solidarity demo report; Gaza aid convoy/Lloyds Bank picket report/university occupations; council tax hike/'We Won't Pay For Their Crisis' campaign update; Bath Transport Plan; wild cat strikes; illegal 'Off The Map' squat eviction ; Heathrow 3rd Runway government approval/Greenpeace land plot/birth of Confidential Intelligence Unit; press censorship of Gaza solidarity; new BAN and BB websites; birth of Eastside Voice newsletter

THE BATH BOMB #18 * Jan 09 * 'Steal this newssheet!' * review of 2008; Gaza solidarity actions; bailiffs & recession; animal rescue; Greek strikes & riots; high hopes for 2009; Portrait of a Road Protest; Stansted blockade report; review: Off The Hoof; foie gras campaign report

THE BATH BOMB #17 * Dec 08 * 'No, he doesn't exist you whiny little brat' * 'We Won't Pay For Their Crisis' report; how to survive a recession; Christmas Chrompetition; Bubbling Under: 'Live Nude Girls Unite' report; eruption of riots in Greece; foie gras campaign report; Bath Vegan Fayre review; 'Steal Something Day' report; opening of Tesco Express report/Golden Oldies/alternatives; BNP membership leak; National Climate Change march report

THE BATH BOMB #16 * Nov 08 * 'Because now it's okay to love America' * launch of 'We Won't Pay For Their Crisis' campaign; Bubbling Under: 'Live Nude Girls Unite' announcement; foie gras campaign report; Bath Vegan Fayre announcement; hunt sabbing report; Save Bathampton Meadows consultation; Aldermaston blockade report; Bristol squat eviction resistance report; Envolve closure; national anti-bailout activity; Shut ITT report

THE BATH BOMB #15 * Oct 08 * 'Not in the least afraid of ruins' * credit crunch/anarchist bookfairs/Bath radical lending library launch announcement; Labour Party Conference protest report/Freedom of Movement bloc/Stop the War Coalition; Bubbling Under: 'Bombs and Batons'/'Can't Complain'/road protest camps report; Ian Blair resignation; Shut ITT announcement; local media censorship; Bath Uni BNP activity; No Borders/anti-ID card demo report; fuel poverty; foie gras campaign report

THE BATH BOMB #14 * Sept 08 * 'All the news the Chron didn't use' * anti-Red, White and Blue action report; supermarket developments; international day of action against CCTV and surveillance announcement; more CCTV and Bath Uni Bluetooth surveillance; Theory Corner Part A: Are all cops really bastards?; Labour Party Conference protest announcement; British Immigration Authority sabotage; Bubbling Under: Climate Camp 08/'Bombs and Batons' announcement; Theory Corner Part B: self-transformation

THE BATH BOMB #13 live from the fields * Aug 08 * 'It's our birthday - make us (vegan) cake!' * media monopolies; life, actions and police harassment at the Camp for Climate Action '08; international impacts of climate change; facts about coal industry; Roots of Change exhibition and info-share report; Bristol Anarchist Bookfair and benefit gig announcement; but basically, it's all about the camp

THE BATH BOMB #12 * July 08 * 'Non-addictive humour substitute' * coal train heist/Lodge Farm occupation/coal facts/Roots of Change announcement; Tesco developments; advertising and gender; city marshals and pseudo-police; anti-badger cull and foie gras demo reports; Mad Pride Day announcement; World Naked Bike Ride report; anti-G8 protests in Japan; Theory Corner: Are all cops bastards?; IOM Refugee Week exhibition picket report

THE BATH BOMB #11 * June 08 * 'Our pen is a Molotov, and we're gonna write all over Tesco' * Rolf Harris/anti-horse racing demo report; 'There Is Such Thing As A Free Lunch' stall report; Bristol Vegan Fayre report; foie gras campaign optimism; Carnival Against the Arms Trade demo report; Tesco Bath Press plans; Bath Bomb benefit gig announcement; Bubbling Under: J18 and Climate Camp 07 documentary announcement; IOM picket report/Ocean Pearl restaurant raid; embarrassing dog poisoning paranoia; Roots of Change sneak review announcement

THE BATH BOMB #10 * May 08 * 'Looking toward London and feeling vaguely better about Sharon Ball' * Bath Freeze report; The 78 social centre eviction; Top Sweat Shop demo report; gender/advertising/self-image; foie gras campaign/ALF sabotage; teachers' strike report; My Free Thyme web resource announcement; Bath City Farm green space victory; Boris Johnson - why?; SHAC demo report

THE BATH BOMB #9 * April 08 * 'Diana Verdict: 10 years on, still dead' * Bubbling Under: 'Breaking the Spell' report; 'On The Verge' screening report; Fossil Fools/Aberthaw blockade report; Bristol and Bath Railway Path plans; animal rights theory/SHAC and SPEAK demo announcements; opening of The 78 social centre; Stop the War march report; Lifestyle Corner: squatting; CND anniversary report; foie gras campaign report

THE BATH BOMB #8 * March 08 * 'Get reading, get photocopying, get active'... get a better tag line * Fairtrade Fortnight report; Tesco campaign update; freeganism/Avon Canal FreeShop; Lord Mancroft attack on RUH; foie gras campaign report; anti-war rant; 'On The Verge' screening announcement; post office closures; Lifestyle Corner: vegetarianism; anti-Top Shop demo report

THE BATH BOMB #7 * Feb/March 08 * 'Bath's only monthly, anti authoritarian, communally-organized, two-sided, non-illustrated, propaganda rag'... this issue ironically contains illustrations * Tesco campaign update; Lifestyle Corner: skip diving; Bubbling Under: 'Power of Community' announcement; foie gras campaign report; rail fare 'strike' report; affordable housing demo report... cringe; upper middle class gang violence; police pay strike

THE BATH BOMB #6 * Jan 08 * 'Make it your new year's revolution' * Tesco campaign update; eviction of Letinov Steam Circus; review of 2007; foie gras campaign report; More Train Less Strain action planning; National Climate Change march report; Bubbling Under: 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised' announcement; No Borders/dawn raids blockades

THE BATH BOMB #5 * Dec 07 * 'Never mind the Chronicle... here's the ever-festive...' * Oxford anti-BNP demo report; Bristle magazine RIP; attack on Station Kebab Shop; hunt sabbing report; Reclaim the High Street report; SHAC demo report; biofuels pilot for school buses; Bubbling Under: 'The Yes Men' announcement

THE BATH BOMB #4 * Nov/Dec 07 * '100% printed on your boss's photocopier' * RBS demo report; attack on disabled accessibility; badger cull; ethical consumerism/Bath FreeShop; Cadbury's factory closure; Oxford anti-BNP demo announcement; Bubbling Under: 'Fourth World War' announcement; anti-fur demo report/London Anarchist Bookfair report; MPs' creative accounting

THE BATH BOMB #3 * Oct 07 * 'Soapy suds of truth in a bathtub of b*llshit!'... you have to love that quality control * Southgate Centre; Cut the Carbon march report; worker safety campaign; fur industry; nuclear power consultation; Bubbling Under: 'Behind The Mask' announcement; RBS demo announcement/Bath Climate Camp nostalgia; Cadburys factory in jeopardy; 'There Is Such Thing As A Free Lunch' stall report; hunt sabbing trivia

THE BATH BOMB #2 * Sept 07 * 'All the news the Chron didn't choose!' hope they don't start getting repetitive* police tazers; KFC facts; Camp for Climate Action '07 report; local arms dealers/DSEI protests announcement; Cinnamon restaurant raid/No Border camp announcement; foie gras campaign update; racist attack on Pierrepont Street Mosque; relaunch of Bubbling Under: 'V For Video Activist' announcement

THE BATH BOMB #1 * July/August 07 * 'All the news the Chron didn't choose!' the birth of a legend * anti-BNP demo report; foie gras campaign report; Tesco campaign; Western Riverside Development; BAA injunction/Camp for Climate Action '07 announcement/airport expansion schemes; activism in general!