1831 - the new kids on the block; yet another Bristol newsletter, this time put out by Bristol Anarchist Federation

Anarchy - an American "journal of desire armed"

Aufheben - annual journal of class struggle theory and practice

The Autonomist - our fresh-faced younger brother publication from the big city
Bath Activist Network - Bath-based umbrella group for progressive politics and activism

Bath Animal Action - another Bath-based group, but these are all about the animals

Bath Anti-Cuts Alliance - another Bath-based group, but these are all about the cuticles

Black Flag - annual anarchist magazine

Bristol Indymedia - one-stop-shop for radical news and views from Bristol and the South West

Class War - London-based and notorious anarchist tabloid

Corporate Watch - U.K.-based in depth research arm of the anti-corporate movement

Direct Action - magazine of the anarcho-syndicalist Solidarity Federation

Earth First! Action Reports - ecological direct action and theory

The Fargate Speaker - bi-monthly local bulletin of the Anarchist Federation in Sheffield

Freedom - running from 1886, the world's longest running, English-speaking anarchist newspaper?

Green Anarchy - U.S. anti-civilisation journal of theory & action

Hackney Heckler - launched in October 09, this newsletter aims to be a focal point for resistance in Hackney
Hereford Heckler - Hereford's favourite shit-stirring news-digger

Incendio - bilingual (english/spanish) magazine on Latin American struggles and solidarity

Indymedia - a U.K.-wide source of independent, non-corporate news; for the people, by the people

Last Hours - a punk rock and radical culture magazine

The Leveller - free news-sheet produced by Cambridgeshire Anarchists focusing on the local issues and news

Murder of Crows - U.S.-based, with a good selection of issues covering revolutionary projects and critical analysis of social struggles

Now or Never magazine - mouthpiece of the Norwich Anarchists, and self-described "second worst anarchist website in the U.K."

The Pork-Bolter - totally independent newsletter produced by and for ordinary residents of Worthing

Radical Wales - an independent platform for considered radical political analysis, commentary and discussion in Wales

Resistance - monthly newsletter of the Anarchist Federation U.K.

Rolling Thunder - CrimethInc's glossy biannual journal "covering passionate living and creative resistance"

Rough Music - another Brighton-based 'trouble making, dirt digging' newsletter

Rupture - a zine for and about free parties, squats and social centres

SchNEWS - long-running weekly freesheet fresh out of Brighton, and a little bit of an inspiration for our noble selves

Shift - UK magazine "for a more radical analysis of capitalist domination"

South Wales Anarchists site - home of the Gagged! free sheet

Turbulence - European journal discussing movement analysis and strategy

Urban 75 - alternative news, sport and games

Voices of Occupied London - occasional anarchist journal of theory and action from the capital of Capital

W.A.G. - freesheet published by the Whitechapel Anarchist Group